UPDATED -- January 29, 2013

Finding the Right Expediting Home

Charlie & Cindy Jordan
inding the right home in the Expediting business as a contract driver can be like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears -- you've got to sleep in a lot of beds to find the one that's just right. Charlie and Cindy Jordan are proof that perseverance and the right opportunity can find just the right home for success…in more ways than one.

The Jordan's story of becoming Professional Contract drivers actually started off in the hospitality industry in Indianapolis, Indiana. "Back in 2006, we were working at a hotel and kept noticing there were a lot of guests staying there who were attending a local truck driving school," said Cindy. "We kept looking at these guys and thinking that if they can be truck drivers and make money, why not us? So we looked into it, only to find out that tuition was over $6,000."

But after doing some research, the Jordans found an Expediting school that fit their pocket book, and started their careers as Professional Contract drivers. Little did they know it would be a long road of numerous owners and carriers ahead. "We found an Expediting school, went through their program and began driving. Their pay structure just took too big of a bite -- that driving job lasted about seven months. We then signed up directly with a carrier and found the situation really abusive. Looking for a better opportunity, we then moved on to a fleet owner who had a pretty nice truck, but there was absolutely no support. We became so disheartened, we quit driving for nine months," said Cindy.

After nine months and some soul searching, Charlie and Cindy thought they'd give Expediting another try. But this time, things would turn out to be different -- at least for a while.

"After a lot of thought, we decided to give Expediting another try. We'd heard good things about Expediter Services and contacted them. Their truck was in really good shape and they paid for fuel, which was nice," said Cindy.

But soon, the "promise" of higher pay would lure them away from Expediter Services -- at least for a while.

"Our experience with Expediter Services was really good, but we saw where another truck owner made the promise to pay more per mile, so we switched. Boy, was that a big mistake! That owner's "promise" of more money just didn't pan out. On top of that, they were really hard to work with and the stressful work environment was unbearable. We decided to go back to Expediter Services -- and let me tell you, we're never leaving," said Cindy. "Expediter Services has great people that really work for us. They keep us rolling without STRESS! I can get out there and do my job without having to worry about my check or the truck getting fixed. And I don't have to wait forever to get a load. We know we're going to keep moving & making money."

Cindy and Charlie found a home with Expediter Services -- and they're earning money for another home, too!

"I can't tell you how great it feels to have found a home at Expediter Services. And we recently bought a great new home just down the road from Weiss Lake, the Centre Alabama Crappie Capital of the World! Our plans are just to keep driving and making money to pay for our new house," said Cindy!"
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January 21, 2013

Driving Toward Truck Ownership

Harold & Dianne Raymond
arold and Dianne Raymond have a history as experienced drivers. And part of that history was finding the right fleet owner.

"My wife and I drove for a fleet owner whose business scruples just weren't up to our standards," said Harold Raymond. "We were really disappointed in a number of things, including the fact that he didn't take good care of his equipment. The situation left us unhappy, and looking for a better solution."

But a chance encounter at a truck stop would have a profound impact on their lives, and livelihood.

"One day we were talking to some folks at a truck stop about how unhappy we were with our current situation. They mentioned having a really good experience working with Expediter Services, and that they take really good care of their equipment," said Harold. "We felt like we had nothing to lose, and decided to give them a call. One of the things that really struck me was the fact that they were genuinely glad to hear from us. They explained the advantages of being a Contract Driver for Expediter Services, and made us feel right at home. We made the switch, and immediately, they jumped right in and began working for US."

Over the next two years, the Raymonds drove as a contract driver team, but soon realized that owning their own truck was the real road they wanted to travel.

"The longer we drove for Expediter Services, the more we earned -- and learned. We realized the real earning opportunity was being owner operators. We'd been making pretty good money as contractors, which allowed us to put aside cash each month in anticipation of buying our own truck. We talked to Jason Williams and Jeff Tacker about our desire to be owners, and they worked us into their Financing Program. This helped us buy our own truck, and we've been working for ourselves ever since. Our experience with Expediter Services has been outstanding. Also, I can't say enough about their office support. We don't have the hassle of trying to track down settlements -- they do all of that for us, which really saves us time, and money!"
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