August 2014
This issue of Fast Track News recaps our participation in the recent Expedite Expo, as well as our second annual EGG at the Expo. The EGG (Expediter Group Gather) gave Expediter Services the opportunity to meet and get to know Expediters personally from across the nation. As a result, it was indeed another Good EGG! Feel free to contact us with ideas for future articles or with feedback. And please sign up to receive Fast Track in your inbox!

Expedite Expo 2014 Recap

One of the most rewarding things about being an Expediter is the comradery that comes with being part of a tight knit community. The annual Expedite Expo has once again given Expediter Services the opportunity to share what we do with this community -- and to get to know even more of the people that help make the industry thrive. It's this one-on-one contact that helps us hone our offerings in order to serve you better.

This latest Expedite Expo also gave Expediter Services the opportunity to bring back our EGG at the Expo, providing even more opportunities to get to know even more people on a personal level. As always, we enjoyed meeting each and every one of you who attended the EGG (Expediter Group Gathering), and we're looking forward to even more EGG's in the near future.

The Expo also gave us the opportunity to roll out our New Tractors in Expediting program (T.I.E.) to a wide audience. T.I.E. is designed to provide a straight path for new and experienced drivers to become qualified Tractor Trailer operators in less time, with better pay! To support this effort, Expediter Services has assembled a new Tractor Trailer team to assist you. Please contact any of our Tractor Trailer team members for more information.

Please read the latest issue of Expedite Now magazine Special Edition to learn even more about the new T.I.E. program.

Meet Our Tractors In Expediting (T.I.E.) Team
Wade Roberts
Patrick Bertrand
Robert Uksas
Chris Marshall
Josh Swindoll

Click on thumbnails to learn more about our Tractors in Expediting team

EGG at the EXPO

It was Another Good EGG

The most recent Expedite Expo has once again proved to be a success, giving Expediter Services the opportunity to "show our wares" to the industry. It also gave us the opportunity to present our second EGG (Expediter Group Gathering), affectionately known as the EGG at the Expo.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the EGG, here's a quick rundown of the concept: Expediter Services' EGG is an event that affords Expediters the opportunity to gather in order to meet others within the industry -- and it gives ES the chance to get to know you personally. In addition, the EGG isn't a "one size fits all" event. Each EGG is different, covering different topics that are important to Expediters, including Driving opportunities, Truck Sales, Financing, Support Services, and any number of services and products offered by Expediter Services. Or an EGG can simply provide a venue for everyone to get to know each other better; as with our latest EGG at the Expo.

Success Stories from the EGG -- Moving Forward

The EGG at the Expo brought together an eclectic group of Expediters, each with their own unique dreams and desires for reaching their business goals. We'd like to give a shout out to several of our attendees who decided to take concrete steps, confirming they are moving forward with support from Expediter Services.

While at the EGG these attendees confirmed their plans
to move forward, growing their business:

• Lyn Brumfield has confirmed that he is purchasing a 2015 Cascadia ST, and will operate at Panther.

• Larry Rater confirms that he is purchasing a 2012 Cascadia ST, and will operate at Panther.

• Dean Shelton confirms he is purchasing three new straight trucks to operate at FXCC.

Congratulations to everyone on their purchases and plans on moving their businesses forward at the EGG at the Expo! Please stay tuned as we'll be following up their progress in the future.

Thanks for Attending the EGG at the Expo

We'd like to thank all of the Contract Drivers, Owner Operators, Fleet Owners, and old & new friends of Expediter Services for attending the EGG at the Expo. We enjoyed meeting each and every one of you and learning your needs and wants when it comes to how we service your business. We also appreciate all of the feedback you provided us, both positive and negative, as it helps us to hone our offerings to better meet your needs, now and in the future.

And we also want to thank our carriers who attended the EGG. It's always great to spend time with each of you to kick around ideas and spend quality time getting to know you better.


Stay Tuned for the Next EGG
Please pencil in on your calendar that the next EGG will be be this FALL.
We'll let everyone know the exact date, time & focus. So stay tuned!

And don't forget! You don't have to wait for the next EGG to take advantage of the Truck Sales,
Financing and Services provided by Expediter Services.

Call us now at 1-877-349-9303. It's what we do every day!

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