UPDATED -- January 19, 2015

From Sprinter to Expediter

Lee burkhalter's Cascadia
Some folks compare the Expediting business to a marathon rather than a sprint. But some people actually get into Expediting from a "sprint" -- a Sprinter van that is! Such is the story of Lee Burkhalter who recently made the leap into a slightly used 2012 Cascadia from Expediter Services' very own fleet.

"I've been running a Sprinter van for a couple of years and business has been pretty good, but its hard to ignore the income potential of the Class 8 trucks,' said Burkhalter. "I decided that in order to take my business to the next level I would need to upgrade. I contacted Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales who sourced a great used 2012 Cascadia. ES just makes the buying process so easy -- they have the inventory readily available that includes maintenance records, so you know the truck has been taken care of. And Expediter Equipment Finance means I can get everything done at one time. The entire process was straight forward and hassle free."

Expediter Equipment Finance
Burkhalter has big plans for the new unit that includes building a fleet. "I already have a driver in place to run my new truck. I've signed on with PTL as our carrier and we should be hitting the road within the next couple of weeks. Short term, my plan is to build a fleet of five trucks by the end of the year and there is no telling how large it will eventually grow over time. Expediter Services' Owner Operator program definitely factors into our growth plans because of their back office support that lets us focus on driving and generating revenue. The fuel card is also a real plus, too."
Expediter Truck Sales

The moral of this story? Even if you're a "sprinter", Expediter Services can help you upgrade!
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January 13, 2015

First Generation American. Lifelong Entrepreneur

Asif Alidina
Asif Alidina, the son of East African immigrants from Tanzania, truly understands the American dream and the hard work it takes to bring that dream to fruition.

Growing up in Long Island, New York, Alidina began working for McDonald's at age fourteen, calling it "his office". From these humble beginnings, he put himself through college, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Stony Brook University in 2007, graduating one year early in order to save a year's tuition. At 21, before graduating, Alidina had two job offers from finance companies wanting to use his talent. Soon, he found himself on the West coast working in Investment Banking, but due to the Great Recession and the troubled financial markets, Alidina found himself without a job and literally homeless, living in his car and showering at a local gym where he worked out.

It was during this difficult time, Alidina had the inspiration and began dreaming of starting his own freight transportation company. "I've always been self supportive and at the age of twenty five, I made the decision to go back east, where I gained acceptance to Penn State University's MBA program. At the same time, I established EXAM Transport & Co., a Tennessee-based biopharma logistics & trucking firm. When I started my business I had exactly $1.12 in my bank account."

Expediter Equipment Finance
In the two years and three months his company has been in business, he has generated approximately 1.5 million dollars in revenue and is slated to double that in 2015 -- with help from Expediter Services. "I'm always looking for new ways to grow my business . By chance, I ran into someone who was an Expediter and we began talking about the trucking business and that's how I found out about Expediter Services. I started doing research about the industry and went to ES's website. Soon, I was in touch with Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales and purchased a slightly used 2012 Cascadia. I also talked with Jeff Tacker and utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for financing. I signed on with one of the carriers supported by ES's Owner Operator Program and completed orientation just as the holiday season was kicking into high gear. My driving team and I dove in and learned a lot in a short amount of time. We made it through the crunch and we've started the year off well. Without a doubt having gone through such an intense holiday season helped me learn a lot and made me an even better Expediter. I feel like I can handle just about anything!"

Expediter Truck Sales
As with every other aspect of his life, Alidina isn't resting on his laurels. "I have an aggressive 5-year growth strategy in place for the years 2015-2020. I've placed my Masters program at Penn State on hold in order to focus and build EXAM Transport & Co., and I will definitely continue to utilize the programs and services offered by Expediter Services to reach this goal."

Alidina has accomplished quite a lot at the age of twenty-eight. "I've really been blessed. I married the girl of my dreams. We have an amazing two year old son and another baby on the way! America truly is a country that will let you pursue your dreams if you work hard enough."

Check out Check out EXAM Transport & Co.'s Company Profile at Bloomberg.com.
January 2, 2015

Perpetuating Opportunity

Padriaca and Cindy Chau Prude (Fleet Owners)
Husband and wife team Padriaca and Cindy Chau Prude are no strangers to the pages of Spotlight news. The last time we visited with this driving duo was in August of 2013. They were just starting their careers as expediters and deciding that the best path for them was to begin as contractors in order to learn the expediting business. A lot has certainly changed since then! Read their story from 2013

"Cindy and I drove as contractors for about seven months, knowing that we wanted to be independent, have our own business and own our own truck," said Padriaca. "Once we learned the ropes, we took the plunge and purchased the same refrigerated 2008 Kenworth T660 that we drove as contractors while partnering with Expediter Services. Taking the Path to Ownership was actually an easy step just knowing that Expediter Services support was behind us. We rely on their Owner Operator program to handle the paperwork and minutia that takes time away from driving and making money. On top of that, our track record with Expediter Services helped us when it came time to finance our truck through Expediter Equipment Finance."

Expediter Equipment Finance
Not content to rest on their laurels as owner operators, the Prudes made plans to expand their business. "We began to see the benefits of truck ownership right away. It really wetted our appetites to expand our business and we knew that purchasing another truck was in our future. In November of this year, Cindy and I purchased a 2012 Cascadia dry box from Expediter Services fleet with about 300,000 well-cared-for miles -- and we once again utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for our financing, they just make purchasing a truck so easy. At this point I think I'm going to make Josh Swindoll over at Expediter Truck Sales my permanent go-to guy when it comes to buying trucks," chuckled Padriaca.

The Prude's plans as fleet owners involve making money, and providing opportunities for others. "As fleet owners, we want to provide opportunities for others, very much like Expediter Services gave us the opportunity to get into expediting. As a Marine Corps Reservist and combat veteran, I feel its important to reach out to hire military veterans, and we already have a team of drivers in place who are former/retired military. They picked up their first load on December 18th, exactly one year from the day that Cindy and I purchased our first truck."

Expediter Truck Sales
The future of their fleet is already in place. "I think its important to have a good mix of refrigerated and dry box units. In 2015, we plan on adding two additional trucks and one truck every quarter in 2016 until we reach twelve trucks. I see lots of opportunity out there for us as fleet owners."

We can't wait to tell their story as their success unfolds!
December 4, 2014

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

Patrick Lee & Eric Hyfield’s refrigerated 2014 Cascadia (CR2652)
Readers of Spotlight News are familiar with the success story of Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield: two friends, who in 2012, chose the business of expediting to overcome the crushing economics of the "great recession" gripping their hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Click here to read story from May of 2014.

Now, In the last quarter of this year, the team has added a refrigerated 2014 Cascadia, sporting an AA sleeper to their growing fleet. "This latest truck was a purchase of opportunity," says Patrick Lee. "I had a friend of mine contact me about a truck he saw that was for sale. It sounded like a really good deal. Eric and I checked it out and fell in love with it -- it's a really nice truck!"

But there was a bit of a "problem" with adding this new truck to their fleet, said Lee. "The problem was the fact that we already had a brand new truck on order from Stoops Freightliner and we weren't exactly sure how or even if we could swing the deal. We talked to Expediter Equipment Finance and the folks at Expediter Services about our situation. They looked at our books and our work history and actually encouraged us to go for it. And that's just what we did. We now have a fleet of three trucks and are running them as hard as we can."

Expediter Truck Sales
When asked about their company's growth, Lee attributed their success to a number of factors. "When it comes to being successful in this business, it's important to have a good carrier and FedEx is absolutely top notch. You also have to have good equipment, good financing and support and we get all of these with Expediter Services. There simply is no other place you can go to get all of these services together under one roof. And lastly, you've got to work hard every day."

Expediter Equipment Finance
And what about their new Cascadia that Stoops is currently building? They will pick up this unit in January, 2015. "Eric and I realize the tremendous opportunity this new truck represents and we will continue to do what we've always done: keep our heads down and work hard. We will also continue to utilize Expediter Equipment Finance, too." As for the future, Lee is already making plans to round out his fleet. "We want to continue to grow our fleet and feel the best way to do that is to purchase a couple more dry boxes -- that way, we can open up opportunities for younger drivers to enter the business and we know Expediter Services will be there for us as we grow."

November 18, 2014

Knowing When to Start a Fleet

Andy Dixon and Linda Polk (DA8346)
Back in May of 2013, we spoke with Andy Dixon and his wife and driving partner Linda Polk about their purchase of a refurbished 2008 KW T660, sourced from Expediter Services' fleet. That was over 250,000 miles ago and things have certainly changed since then!

"When we purchased our Kenworth in 2013, the truck had 500,000 plus miles on the clock. And over the past year and a half we put over 250,000 additional miles on it. We've gotten great service out of this truck, but there comes a time when you've got to know when to say when, and buy something new. After a truck gets so many miles on it, maintenance starts to become an issue. That's why we decided to look at getting a new unit," said Dixon.

Expediter Equipment Finance
This time around Dixon stuck to a tried-and-true formula for buying a new unit. "Once we made the decision to buy a new truck, we contacted Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck sales, and once again they came through with a 2012 Cascadia with low miles from their fleet. It was exactly what we were looking for and a great value. On top of that, we once again utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for our financing. Expediter Services makes the whole process easy, helping us to focus on driving, picking up loads and making money."

Expediter Truck Sales
But there were differences when it came to making this latest purchase. "Linda and I decided to expand our business and become fleet owners. Our new Cascadia is being driven by a team. We're also looking to sell our Kenworth. Once it's sold, we'll use Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance again to replace it with a new unit in the very near future. Our plans are to grow into a fleet of five trucks utilizing all of the support provided by Expediter Services. It's one thing to buy a truck. It's another thing all together to buy a truck with a support team ready-to-go. Expediter Services was a large part of our decision to branch out and become fleet owners. They allow us to focus on what makes us money. We don't have to track down payments or worry about insurance, everything we need to run a fleet is already in place. I don't know any other company that puts all of these things together like Expediter Services."

November 12, 2014

Four Stars and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

What happens when two entrepreneurial-minded guys get together as Expediters? The answer: they buy a truck and live their dream as successful businessmen!

Damyon Shuler and Brad Turner are examples of following your heart, and taking the Path to Ownership. Back in August of 2012, Shuler signed on with FDCC. In December of 2013, Turner did the same. The two then made a connection and partnered with Expediter Services as contractors. Little did they realize that they shared similar backgrounds and dreams.

Expediter Equipment Finance
"When Brad and I teamed up with Expediter Services as contractors, we soon realized that each of us had entrepreneurial backgrounds," said Shuler. "We both had started our own entertainment businesses earlier in our careers and each of us had the drive to want to work for ourselves. We soon realized that partnering with Expediter Services would allow us to do just that."

Along the way, Damyon and Brad gained experience as contractors, excelling to the top level at FedEx to become 4-Star Award winners.
October 28, 2014

Well Positioned for the Future

Ray and Lilza Gloria's New Cascasdia (DR8568)
Back in 2010, when Ray and Lilza Gloria began their career in Expediting, they signed on with FedEx as their carrier.

According to Ray, he and Lilza had a plan from the beginning: purchase the best equipment they could afford, work hard and prepare for the next step their business would take as they learned and grew. "We began our Expediting business after purchasing a used dry box, which was financed by Expediter Equipment Finance. We were able to get good service out of it over the next several years. But once we hit the 800,000 mile mark we knew it was time to get another truck and we began that process around the second quarter of this year."

Now, the question was -- what would be their next step: purchase a brand new truck, or acquire another used truck through Expediter Truck Sales. "For us, the logical choice was to follow the plan we had laid out from the beginning, and that was to buy a new truck and take the next step with our business by becoming FDCC White Glove qualified. We knew that taking both of these steps would position us well into the future and afford us the opportunity to earn more money. We decided to purchase a new reefer unit so I contacted Expediter Services to discuss options."

Expediter Truck Sales
Having made the decision to upgrade, the Gloria's began to spec a new reefer truck with help from Expediter Services. "ES helped us with many of the details when it came to speccing our new reefer. They also hooked us up with Stoops Freightliner who would be building the unit. The process had a couple of starts and stops along the way. We had sold our original truck and the delivery time for our new reefer unit took a little longer than anticipated so we were in limbo. I contacted Jeff Tacker about the situation, and Expediter Services offered us one of their units to operate for a few months until our new truck was ready. Needless to say, we're grateful to them for helping us out. They are a terrific company and really stand behind you."

Expediter Equipment Finance
About three months ago, Ray and Lilza picked up their new reefer (a 2015 Cascadia) and business has been good! "I can't tell you how much we enjoy our new truck," said Ray. "Taking the FDCC White Glove route with our new truck puts us exactly where we need to be in order to help us grow as a business. Expediter Services has also been a great partner along the way. We utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for our new truck and continue to benefit from their Owner Operator program. They are great people, and a great company to be associated with."

When asked about the future, the Gloria's are already thinking ahead. "With the way we're positioned right now, I can see us becoming fleet owners in the not too distant future. And I believe with support from Expediter Services, we'll get there."
October 14, 2014

A Partner to Help Us Grow

Jimmy Moore with one of his refurbished T660’s from ES’s fleet
When Jimmy Moore and his wife Bobbi began their expediting business in 2013, they signed on with FedEx as their carrier and began a journey that would ultimately lead them to becoming fleet owners. But the road was not always easy -- at least until they found the right partner.

"We knew from the start that we wanted to be owner operators, and began looking for a truck to buy. But I soon found out that good used Class 8 expediting trucks were hard to find. Eventually I did find a truck and bought it -- let me just say that it wasn't a good experience," said Jimmy Moore.

The Moore's persevered and soon realized in January of this year, they were in the position to expand and add a second truck, in effect, becoming fleet owners in the process. "After having such a bad experience when purchasing my first truck, I did more research online and found Expediter Services. I contacted Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales and told him about wanting to purchase a truck in order to achieve our dream of becoming fleet owners. He was extremely helpful, and showed me the refurbished Kenworth T660's available immediately from Expediter Services' fleet. Not only did I find a great truck, I found a company that could help me with financing through Expediter Equipment Finance, and support me through their Owner Operator Program."

Expediter Equipment Finance
The Moore's story doesn't end with the purchase of one T660, however. "A few months later, we decided to add another truck to our fleet. I once again contacted Josh, and he helped us purchase a second refurbished T660. I'm pleased to say that both of the units we got from Expediter Services and Expediter Truck Sales have performed very well. With ES, we feel like we've found a partner who really takes care of us. It's not every day that you find a company that does what they say they will do. ES really looks out for us, and it's refreshing to deal with people that are more interested in your success than just making money."

Expediter Truck Sales
Jimmy and Bobbi are looking to the future, too. "With Expediter Services' support, our company continues to grow. We're now looking to possibly add a third truck to our fleet from ES this fall. They truly make buying a truck easy."

We're sure you'll be hearing more about their growing company in future Spotlight News articles!
September 26, 2014

The Right Time to Upgrade

Expediting can be compared to a three-legged stool: one leg is good management; another leg is having a good team(s); while the third leg is made up of having and maintaining good equipment. Over the past fourteen years, Lyn Brumfield, who is signed on with Panther as his carrier, has taken these three legs and built a successful expediting business, comprising a fleet of seven trucks.

Recently, he realized that one of the legs making up his business was in need of an upgrade. "I've been running a fleet of trucks for quite a while, and a couple of them have racked up a lot of miles. As a consequence, repair bills were beginning to eat into my profits. I knew it was time to upgrade -- which can be a real hassle," said Brumfield.

Once the decision was made to replace one of the trucks in his fleet, Brumfield contacted Expediter Services. "When I finally made the decision to upgrade, I contacted Expediter Services because they have the best inventory anywhere. I spoke with Paul Williams about my situation and he put me in contact with Josh Swindoll from Expediter Truck Sales. He sourced a 2015 Cascadia with only 15,000 miles from Expediter Services very own Fleet. That was back in July. A week or so later, I visited their EGG at the Expedite Expo and completed the deal in their booth at the show.
Expediter Truck Sales
This included using Expediter Equipment Finance. They made finding and financing the truck easy and they did everything they said they would do. You can't ask for more than that," said Brumfield.

Expediter Equipment Finance
But this wasn't the end of Brumfield's fleet upgrade. "Not long after buying the first truck, it became apparent that I needed to replace another aging truck in my fleet. I contacted Josh Swindoll and he located a 2012 Cascadia with about 200,000 miles on the clock -- also from ES's fleet. This truck is already on the road generating revenue. Buying this truck was just as seamless as the first, and once again, I utilized Expediter Equipment Finance for the financing." Brumfield continued,"I even have my eye on a third truck, and I may be adding this in the very near future (possibly as early as next month). I can honestly say that Expediter Services sure makes it easy to grow my fleet when the time is right."

Stay tuned! We'll keep you updated on the status of Brumfield's fleet upgrade in a future issue of Spotlight News!
September 10, 2014

T.I.E. is Off and Running!

Chris Marshall, Expediter Services' Customer Service Manager
Expediter Services' Tractors in Expediting Program (T.I.E.) is already gaining traction in the market. According to Chris Marshall, ES's Customer Service Manager, the T.I.E. program recently enrolled Matt Shaver and Justin Warren, who are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by T.I.E.

"Matt and Justin heard about Expediter Service's Tractors in Expediting program and decided they could benefit from the shortened timeframe to become TT qualified," said Marshall. "Before coming onboard with T.I.E., they both found themselves with CDL's, but they felt like they were treading water, waiting to become tractor trailer qualified -- which could take as long as two years in their current situation. On top of that, they found that their earning potential was extremely limited. When they learned about how Expediter Services could start them out in a Straight Truck, then transition them into a Tractor Trailer in only six months, and make more money in the process, the decision was easy. Now Matt & Justin have completed their orientation with Panther and are starting to take loads."

Tractors in Expediting Program
The T.I.E. program is unique in the industry, mirroring closely Expediter Services' Circle of Success business model that's been instrumental in bringing much needed capacity to the Straight Truck market. "Our Circle of Success business model has been extremely successful in bringing new drivers into the industry, helping these drivers become experienced drivers, and then helping experienced drivers become Owner Operators and Fleet Owners. The T.I.E program will build upon this proven formula and bring more drivers into the Tractor Trailer Expediting industry in a shorter time frame. We fully anticipate the T.I.E. program to eclipse the growth of the straight truck market over the next couple of years, due to the enormous size of the straight truck market in the U.S.", said Marshall.

Expediter Services Path to Ownership
Marshall continued by saying the opportunities offered through Expediter Services' T.I.E. program don't stop when you become TT qualified. "Matt and Justin are not only leveraging the opportunities provided by the T.I.E. program, they are already thinking ahead to their next step as potential truck owners by taking ES's Path to Ownership (PTO). By taking the Path to Ownership, Expediter Services takes into account a team's driving experience when financing a truck. As experienced drivers, they are already on their way. When they're ready, the path to ownership will already be in place, making it easier to finance the truck of their choosing.

For more information on how you can become Tractor Trailer qualified in less time, and make more money through Expediter Services' T.I.E. program, contact Chris Marshall at 877-349-9303, ext. 133.
August 29, 2014

A Much Needed Upgrade

Maribel Garcia and Collins Peterson (E10742)
Did you know that since 2009, the overall age of the US Class 8 fleet is the oldest it has been in the history of the industry? According to industry consultants FTR Associates, the fleet now averages roughly 8 years old -- and its getting older by the day. This trend applies to all transportation segments. So what's behind this phenomenon? The answer is two-fold: a sluggish economy since the downturn of 2008, and the tightening of emissions laws that took effect in 2007.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Owner Operators, as well as Fleet owners are starting to invest in new equipment as older trucks become maintenance intensive. Expediter Services is helping to lead the charge by bringing newer equipment, contract drivers and owner operators into the market with our new Tractors In Expediting program or T.I.E. -- which brings us to Collins Peterson, the subject of this issue of Spotlight News.

2013 Volvo 780
Peterson started as a solo owner operator in April, 2012 -- his truck was a 2007 Volvo contracted to FedEx Custom Critical. About a year ago, his wife, Maribel Garcia, entered the Expediting business with him when she got her CDL and became his driving partner. Since then, they'e been successfully working their business. "We had been running my current Volvo truck for quite a while, and it was piling up a lot of miles, as a result, maintenance was becoming an issue. Since Expediter Equipment Finance was there for me with my old truck, I contacted Jeff Tacker and spoke to him about upgrading to a newer unit. Jeff was helpful in assisting me with financing this time as well. I soon found a new tractor, a 2013 Volvo 780 -- we just picked it up. We're now working on finishing our White Glove certification, then we'll hit the ground running."

Expediter Equipment Finance
"We were excited to help Collins and his wife upgrade into a 2013 tractor," said Jeff Tacker, Vice President of Operations, Expediter Services. Expediter Equipment Finance supported Collins and Maribel with financing. It's one part of our Tractors in Expediting program (T.I.E.). We feel this new program will help lead the industry in putting drivers into tractors in a number of ways, including competitive financing opportunities for true ownership, getting them TT qualified in less time and making more money. This will in turn, help provide the industry with much needed tractors," said Tacker. "Also, don't forget, the T.I.E. program is an example of an additional opportunity brought to the market by Expediter Services, which compliments our already successful straight truck opportunity."
July 18, 2014

We Look Forward to Seeing You at the Expo

Expediter Services - Expedite Expo 2014
Expediter Services is proud to participate in the Expedite Expo 2014. This year, we continue our tradition of providing opportunities to expediters with tried-and-true programs designed to make Owner Operators, Independent Contractors and Fleet Owners more efficient. In addition, we'll be on hand to assist those looking to purchase and/or finance a new truck with help from Expediter Truck Sales and Expediter Equipment Finance.

We're also excited to introduce our NEW Tractors in Expediting (T.I.E.) program. T.I.E. is designed to expedite the time required to become tractor-trailer qualified in order to access the tremendous earning potential of the TT expediting market. It's a great way to quickly and safely get your family involved in the business, with real ownership opportunities, if you desire.

Please look us up, Expediter Services is located in Booth D3 and visit our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot. We look forward to seeing you here!

What to Expect...

Expediter Truck Sales

Expediter Truck Sales
With the largest and best inventory in the industry, Expediter Truck Sales can help you in finding the right truck for your application. We're available on-site at the Expo (Booth D3) and at our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot to help you find a truck.

Visit Our Truck Sales Exhibit in the Parking Lot!

We will be showing a few new and used straight trucks from our inventory. These trucks are not just pretty trucks for you to look at, these trucks are for sale! We will be working with Expediter Equipment Finance at the show to help you start or grow your fleet.
Josh Swindoll

Josh Swindoll

NEW Tractors in Expediting (T.I.E.) Program

Expediter Services has recently launched an exciting new program designed specifically to provide a straight path for new and experienced drivers to become qualified Tractor Trailer operators in less time with better pay!

The NEW Tractors in Expediting program provides the following benefits:
  • Become a TT qualified team in as little as 6 months
  • The industry’s best training program
  • A great way to transition from school or military into a tractor trailer
  • Get your family into the business safely and quickly
  • Real ownership opportunities, if you desire
Tractors in Expediting Program
In addition, to help support this new effort, we've assembled a Tractor Trailer team to assist you every step of the way to help you reach your business goals. See us at Booth D3 to talk with someone about the Tractors in Expediting program.
I look forward to meeting everyone at this year’s Expo. Like the Tractors in Expediting program, I am new to Expediter Services and very excited to explain the program in person.
Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall

Partner with Expediter Services as an Owner Operator
and Never Stand Alone

Expediter Services - Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer
Expediter Services' support programs apply to Straight Truck and Tractor Trailer drivers.

Owner Operators
At Expediter Services, Owner Operators can take advantage of our Owner Operator Program for back office support and savings on fuel, insurance and more. Learn more about the Owner Operator program here.

Independent Contractors
Expediter Services supports New and Experienced Drivers every step of the way with programs that can make you more productive. Learn more about the Independent Contract Driver program here. We're available at Booth D3 to answer any questions you may have about our Owner Operator or Independent Contractor programs.
Come and see me at Booth D3! I'm always happy to help turn your dream of being an Owner Operator or Contract Driver into reality. Or let me show you the road to financial freedom as an Owner Operator. I look forward to seeing you here.
Wade Roberts

Wade Roberts

Equipment Finance can Help You Achieve Truck Ownership

Expediter Equipment Finance
Expediter Equipment Finance can help finance your truck, even if you’re a first-time buyer or a non-home owner. Our Path to Ownership lets your experience with Expediter Services play a key role in helping you get financed.

Expediter Equipment Finance Can Help You Buy a Truck
  • Do you have a desire to be an owner operator?
  • Do you have a good work & credit history but need down payment assistance?
  • First-time buyers & non-homeowners can qualify
  • Your work history can help secure financing
  • Market competitive rates
Don't wait for the Expo, apply online now!
I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Expo. Please stop by Booth D3 and our Truck Sales Exhibit in the parking lot. I'm happy to answer any of your questions to help you get financed through Expediter Equipment Finance.
Jeff Tacker

Jeff Tacker

The Egg at the Expo

EGG - Expediter Group Gathering
Expediter Services is excited to host the 2nd annual EGG at the Expo, Saturday, July 25th!

Register now for the EGG, its FREE!

The EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) is an opportunity for Expediters to meet, network and get to know each other. We believe in personal relationships, and want to learn about you, your business, and your hopes & dreams.
Click to See Who You'll Meet at The EGG
Wade Roberts
Chris Marshall
Jeff Tacker
Paul Williams
Jason Williams

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EGG Agenda
Friday, July 25,
5:00 - 6:30 pm
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Meet & Greet - Getting to know each other
Dinner - Provided by Expediter Services

Our Last EGG Achieved an 85% Success Rate

EGG Success
Many of these EGG Attendees took advantage of the Opportunities provided by Expediter Services.
Contract Drivers successfully moved
into driving straight trucks
Contract Drivers successfully
became Owner Operators
Owner Operators successfully grew into
Fleet Owners
Fleet Owners successfully grew their fleets

Register now for the EGG, its FREE!

Don't wait for the Expo or the EGG to access
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Call us now at 1-877-349-9303.
It's what we do every day!

July 7, 2014

The Best Business Move I Ever Made

Steve Glisson (DR8555)
Steve Glisson from Paw Paw, Michigan, has been an Expediter, signed on with FedEx Custom Critical since 2006. For the first four years, his business was successful. Over the next four years, things would get even better after partnering with Expediter Services!

"I had my Expediting business for four years and was doing pretty well," said Glisson. "Then I heard about Expediter Services and their Owner Operator program in 2010. I did my research, liked what I saw, and partnered in -- and it was the best business move I ever made. The savings on insurance and fuel is outstanding. Expediter Services has been extremely helpful when we've gotten into tight spots out on the road with monetary support when we've needed it. Their tie-ins with full service truck stops like Loves, T/A and Petro are also helpful because we get better prices on service and parts. Overall, their Owner Operator program is really hard to beat."

Recently, Glisson took advantage of more ES opportunities by adding a new unit to his fleet through Expediter Truck Sales with the assistance of Expediter Equipment Finance.

Expediter Truck Sales
"Back in February, I was talking with Jeff Tacker about wanting to expand my fleet with a reefer unit. He put me in touch with Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales who had a freshly refurbished 2007 Kenworth T-660 reefer unit. I was soon in touch with Expediter Equipment Finance, and the deal was done. No Pressure and no run-around. The new unit brings my fleet up to three trucks. The T-660 has worked out great.
It was a good opportunity to acquire just the truck I needed at a discount over a new unit. Expediter Services and Expediter Truck Sales isn't in the business of selling trucks. They're in the business of helping me make money."

June 6, 2014

Recent EGG Hatches a NEW Truck

Vernon and Laisani Cox
In a recent Fast Track News article, we followed up with a few of the attendees from our latest Expediter Group Gathering, which focused on truck sales. Each talked about their experiences at the EGG, the opportunities offered, and their dreams and aspirations when it comes to Expediting and their business goals going forward.

Vernon and Laisani Cox are just a couple of the attendees whose story is now coming to fruition, as they recently picked up their new truck, financed by Expediter Equipment Finance. "Our story continues directly from the EGG," said Vernon. "We went to the EGG, met with the right people on-the-spot and began the process to purchase our new 2014 Cascadia. It was important for our business goals that our truck was a new unit. We wanted to be able to hit the ground running and
Expediter Services - EGG
Expediter Equipment Finance helped us achieve that." Laisani added, “We prayed about this and believe that ES is a people helping ministry that has blessed us”. (check out the link for more about Vernon and Laisani at the EGG)

And just how new is their Cascadia? "We picked up our truck only a couple of days ago at Expediter Services home office in Southaven, Mississippi. Today, we're at Panther's facility getting logos and branding applied.
2014 Freightliner Cascadia
We're still in the new truck processing phase. Once we attend to a few small adjustments here and there, we'll hit the road and the truck will start earning its keep."

When asked about future plans, Cox was quick to mention the EGG. "I know there's another EGG coming up July 25th, and we'd love to be there to tell people how Expediter Services and Expediter Equipment Finance helped us acquire our new truck. But my gut tells me we're going to be on the road and running hard with our new unit. I recommend the EGG to
anyone looking for information about ES and Expediting in general. Its a great way to meet key people and access opportunities. That's what we did, and we're now turning these opportunities into reality and income."

May 20, 2014

Taking the Path to Fleet Ownership

Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield
In June of 2013, Spotlight reported how Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield, two young men from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, turned to Expediting to escape the effects of the "Great Recession" and the limited economic opportunities in their area. Today, they are successful Fleet Owners who know a thing or two about utilizing Expediter Services' Circle of Success and taking the Path to Ownership. Click here to read story from June of 2013.

Their journey to Fleet Ownership began in November, 2012, entering the Circle of Success as new Contract Drivers. By June of 2013, they bought their own truck through Expediter Equipment Finance, becoming Owner Operators. And just this month, they became new Fleet Owners with the purchase of a refrigerated 2009 Freightliner Cascadia. "Ever since we began in Expediting, Eric and I dreamed of being Fleet owners," said Lee. "When we got into the business as Contractors with Expediter Services, we jumped into it with both feet; staying out on the road for long stretches of time, taking lots of loads and learning as much as we could. This helped prepare us for the next step of actually buying our own truck. Now, we've learned even more and recently purchased a refrigerated truck -- our first step to building a fleet."

Expediter Services - EGG
It's interesting to note that Patrick and Eric's plans to purchase a new truck were already laid as far back as April -- then they visited the EGG the weekend of April 4th & 5th, and things changed! "It's kind of funny, Eric and I had already found a truck to buy and we were getting ready to talk to Expediter Equipment Finance about it. At about that same time, we learned about the EGG at ES's offices in Southaven, Mississippi. We went their with the sole purpose to just meet the folks at Expediter Services and get to know other Expediters. But when we got there, we saw this Cascadia for sale, and it was such a better truck than the one we had already picked out. We spoke with Steve Kochensparger who was at the EGG and started the ball rolling to purchase the truck. The EGG was so much better than we expected. It was great meeting so many Expediters and talking to them about their experiences as Contractors, Owner Operator and Fleet Owners. I would recommend anyone interested in this business to visit the EGG."

Expediter Services' Circle of Success
The future is looking bright for the new Fleet Owners. "Today, we just locked down a team to drive our new truck. Now we can concentrate on working hard so we can expand our fleet in the near future," said Lee.
May 9, 2014

Completing Their Own Circle of Success

Cheryl Cooper, Kevin Keller and their new truck (32662)
There's a common theme among Expediters who join Expediter Services Circle of Success, and it can be summed up with just one word: Opportunity. The opportunity to start your career at your level of choice, and to take that opportunity to whatever level fits you and your business goals. A great example of this is how Kevin Keller and Cheryl Cooper began their careers as Owner Operators, and just recently, they realized their dream of becoming Fleet Owners.

Kevin Keller, from Washington State has been a professional driver for many years, first as an over-the-road trucker driving solo. But after finding out about Expediting and doing some research, he and his wife Cheryl Cooper decided to take the plunge; signing on with Panther as their carrier. "We did a lot of research into Expediting, and signed on with Panther as our carrier," said Keller. "With encouragement from them, we became involved with Expediter Services and their Owner Operator program, which has been very helpful to us."

Expediter Services - EGG
After about eight months as Expediters, Kevin and Cheryl began to think about expanding their business and becoming Fleet Owners. They heard about The EGG and the opportunities offered -- and decided to attend. "We're constantly looking for information about the industry, and finding ways to improve and expand our business. When we looked into what The EGG had to offer, it seemed like a great way to gain the knowledge we'd been searching for. As it turned out, we were able to ask questions and get answers all in one place. As a result, we were able to finance a new truck and achieve our dream of becoming Fleet Owners. Expediter Services was very helpful throughout the entire process. We bought a refurbished 2008 Kenworth T660 with 600,000 miles!"

Expediter Services' Circle of Success
According to Keller, they're not stopping with just two trucks in their fleet. "Cheryl and I are interviewing teams right now to drive our new truck, and we plan on driving our existing truck ourselves for a while. Our longterm plan is to have three to five trucks in our fleet in a relatively short amount of time. We're not completing our circle of success, we're just getting started!"
February 10, 2014

Following Your Own Path to Ownership

Michael and Dee Zaffino
Everyone has their own path when it comes to becoming an Expediter. Some people know from the start that Expediting is what they want to do. Others are drawn into it by what can best be described as an "unseen force". But one thing is for sure. Once you go down that path, there's truly no other business like being in Expediting.

Michael and Dee Zaffino's path to Expediting took a rather direct route. "Dee and I began our career as over-the-road-truckers," said Michael. "Over time, we kept running into people who were Expediters. On top of that, we kept meeting people as we traveled around the country who were associated with Expediter Services. Everyone we spoke to had great things to say about the company, their programs, and their people. That got us to thinking about looking into the opportunities offered by Expediter Services. The more we looked, the more we liked what we saw. We even had a friend of ours who met personally with ES, and he said if we were thinking about making the switch to Expediting, we should definitely go with them."

So, about a year ago, the Zaffino's decided to take the Expediting plunge. "When Dee and I made the decision to get into the Expediting business, we signed on with Panther, and became Contractors with Expediter Services. We immediately found out that everything people said about them was true. They had good equipment and their people and support was top notch. We also found out that we really liked Expediting, which got us to thinking about what we really wanted to achieve with our business."

The path that the Zaffino's would take with their business turned out to be Expediter Services Path to Ownership. "Not too long after we became Contractors with ES, we started thinking about owning our own truck. We started talking with Jeff Tacker about our financing options through Expediter Equipment Finance. In October of last year, we took the Path to Ownership and purchased a used 2008 Kenworth T660 with about 690,000 miles on it. We now have just over 724,000 miles on our truck and everything is going great. We're still getting the hang of being owners, but Expediter Services Owner Operator program makes it easy. The back office support leaves us free to do what we do best: and that's drive and make money!"

As for the future, the Zaffino's are keeping an open mind. "For the time being, we're enjoying being truck owners. But you never know what path we may take in the future. We wouldn't rule out possibly growing into a fleet some day."
February 3, 2014

Expediting. Opportunities. Options.

Gary and Michelle Piatt (D8520)
When it comes to running your business, it's always good to know when to take advantage of opportunities. But it's also important to have options. Often, opportunities and options go hand-in-hand, just ask Gary and Michelle Piatt; an Expediting team who recently made some rather shrewd decisions about what direction their business would take.

Their story began eight years ago as over-the-road truckers, but about a year and a half ago they made the switch to Expediting. "After talking to a number of people in the industry, Michelle and I made the move into Expediting. It just looked like it would be a better way to make a living. We bought a used truck from a dealer in Ohio and began our journey. We just didn't realize at the time that the journey would be so bumpy," Gary said with a chuckle. "We picked up our very first load in our recently purchased International Expediting truck, and right away it broke down. We jokingly dubbed it "Titanic" because it broke down on its maiden voyage."

The Piatt's had the truck towed to a nearby garage, but as it turned out, things weren't all ship-shape. "We had money in our account to get the truck fixed, but the repair shop wouldn't take a debit card. So, we called Expediter Services and told Jeff Tacker about our dilemma. ES authorized payment over the phone for the towing and the repair, agreeing to be reimbursed through our monthly settlements. Since we were new and hadn't made them one thin dime, we were grateful for their assistance. They really stepped up and stood by us, helping us out of a jam."

Over the next seven months, the Piatt's drove "Titanic" and continued to have problems. "Michelle and I drove that truck for an agonizing seven months, and it broke down continually. It was so frustrating, but Expediter Services always stood by us no matter what happened. They didn't get frustrated with us, they always were there to offer help and find a solution. It soon became obvious that we were losing a tremendous amount of money when factoring in lost wages, repairs and hotel expenses. When a check engine light came on it was the last straw, we knew we had to make a change."

And that change would involve seizing upon opportunities and options offered by Expediter Services. "We called Jeff Tacker and told him we wanted to sell our truck and become a Contractor with Expediter Services. He explained that the earning potential wasn't the same as being an Owner Operator, which we totally understood. But by utilizing the option of becoming a Contract Driver, we could generate income and get back on our feet -- and this would allow us to purchase our own NEW truck," said Gary. "Our goal was to continue in Expediting, generate an income stream, then order a new truck in very short order, which is precisely what we did. We quickly placed an order for a 2014 SST Cascadia with a Bolt Custom Sleeper. We drove as a Contractor for about eleven months while it was being spec'd and built. Now, we're in our new truck, financed by Expediter Equipment Finance, and driving is an absolute pleasure compared to driving "Titanic". We also enjoy the perks offered by being a part of ES's Owner Operator Program. Michelle loves our new rig too, because it has tons of storage, including a mini sewing machine and several bags of knitting on board. There truly is nothing like having options!"

Gary & Michelle's 2014 SST Cascadia with a Bolt Custom Sleeper
List of extras and features:
Automatic tire chains
Leyman, 4500# lift gate
Eight rows of e track
Onan 8000watt generator
Convection/microwave/roaster oven
Set of 10 floor rings
Hideaway bed with auto deploy dinette table that seats 4
Driver operated tag axle
Other features
Sink With hot/cold running water
In roof, amplified digital antenna
Dish network, satellite antenna
Plenty of cabinets
Large refrigerator freezer
Remote control roof fan/vent
Laminate wood floor
October 4, 2013

From Adversity to Opportunity

Dean andCarolyn Shelton (DR4535)
our years ago, Dean Shelton's career was thrown a major league curve ball when he was laid off from a company where he had worked for many years. At fifty-eight years old, he found himself unemployed and looking for a way to replace a six figure salary. But after a year of looking for work and being on unemployment benefits, Dean and his wife Carolyn were starting to feel the pressure in their hearts and on their checkbook. There had to be the right opportunity out there somewhere, but what? Little did they know at the time, but they would make their own opportunity in Expediting.

"After sending out countless resumes and being on unemployment for a year, I was starting to feel uneasy about my future employment prospects. One day while at the Employment Office, I noticed there were tons of brochures lying around with companies offering job openings -- and about seventy-five percent of these were trucking jobs. So, I went home and started doing research on the internet only to find that trucking had a tremendous turnover. I knew there had to be a reason, so while on an errand I convinced my wife to stop by a nearby truck stop to try and find some answers first-hand. We started talking to some truckers and finally struck up a conversation with a fellow who said he was an Expediter driving with FedEx and he was on his way to pick up his wife to take a load across the country. He also said that we could learn more by going online and looking at Expediters Online website. After talking to him for a while, we started to leave and ran into a young couple who also happened to be Expediters. We asked them a few questions and they too drove for FedEx and recommended that we look at Expediters Online. My interest was really piqued! What are the odds that we would run into two Expediters within minutes of each other who were successful and both recommending we visit Expediter Online?"

Following the recommendations of the Expediters at the truck stop, Dean immediately went home and began to research the Expediting industry with a stop on the Expediters Online Website. He quickly identified Expediter Services as the top player in the Expediter Industry and using the link, visited the Expediter Services website. He decided to give them a call. He told his contact that he was interested in becoming an Expediter and learned that he needed to have a Class A or B license in order to qualify. He also found out that once he got the license, Expediter Services would be interested in utilizing them as a Contract Driver. So, he found a truck driving school not too far from home and talked his wife into going with him to check it out. They had several classes available costing $2,500. “We were getting to the end of our savings, but I was able to convince my wife that we could do this together and it would be worth the $5,000 investment. It truly was a leap of faith: faith in us, and faith in Expediter Services carrying through with doing what they said they would do -- giving us an opportunity as Contract Drivers once we were qualified."

Once the Shelton's completed their seven week course and received their licenses, their new career began in earnest. "Once we got our Class A's, I spoke with FedEx that Friday and told them we would be signing on as Contract Drivers with Expediter Services. We then drove to Ohio and picked up our truck, and I've got to tell you, when we started out we knew absolutely nothing about the truck or Expediting and we began learning pretty much everything the hard way. But April Holland at Expediter Services was always at the other end of the phone to help us when we needed it."

After about six months on the road, they mastered the basics and a business plan began to materialize. The Shelton's were on a roll! "After about six months, we moved up to FedEx White Glove TVAL, and soon after this, we got our DOD clearances. Once we obtained all of these credentials, we began to think of how we could leverage our knowledge and experience to earn even more money. With help from Expediter Services and FedEx, we located and purchased a 2007 Freightliner at the Fyda Freightliner dealer in Columbus, OH that was available and already TVAL approved by FedEx. We got FedEx logo’s applied to the truck and hit the road. A year later, we decided to buy a second truck, a new 2013 Cascadia. We then hired Rex and Pam Key who were already White Glove / TVAL qualified and placed them in the 2007 truck as we drove the new one. About a year later, we put Carolyn's accounting experience and knowledge of QuickBooks to good use and purchased two more 2014 Cascadias -- one will be ready this October and the other will be delivered in January, 2014. We'll probably sell the 2007 unit we're now running as we plan to purchase two more new trucks in 2014. This will put us at our goal of a fleet of five trucks. As we grow, we'll definitely rely on Expediter Services support as we have all along. When we purchased our first truck, we moved to the Expediter Services Owner/Operator program. Their support team gives us the time to concentrate on the big picture while they handle the details like load information, maintenance, insurance savings, fuel savings, T Check payment services, and anything else that comes up. They have used trucks, new truck financing, and more. Without a doubt ES's support is a tremendous asset."

"I truly believe that with a good work ethic and good business practices, anyone can be successful in Expediting, and Expediter Services has been a great help as our business partner. We've come a long way in four years, we've also incorporated our company as R2R Associates, LLC. Expediting has given us the opportunity to leave a legacy for our children. Our oldest daughter Evin is already doing payroll and will soon take on the bookkeeping responsibilities. Our son “DJ” Shelton will soon be working as our Operations Manager once our fleet is established.

"Bottom Line - going from unemployed, with a mortgage at stake, to owning a solid thriving business is still possible in this terrible economy if you make your own opportunities. You’ll need some helpful partners along the way and Expediter Services was just the partner we needed. Thanks!"
September 13, 2013

Seeking New Opportunities

Jimmy Smith and Shannon Kidd (D8418)
n recent years, nearly every segment of the economy has been impacted to some degree by what has become known as the "Great Recession". This malaise has forced many people to begin searching for new opportunities among less volatile economic sectors, including trucking, and more specifically, Expediting. While the trucking industry isn't immune from economic downturns, it has weathered the recession and is showing growth. It's this resiliency that draws entrepreneurial-minded people who want to work for themselves and earn a good living.

One of hardest hit segments throughout the economic downturn has been the housing industry, which brings us to Jimmy Smith's quest for a fresh start in business. "For the past twenty years, I've been involved with manufacturing within the housing industry. Over the years, we'd seen our ups and downs, but since 2008, housing has been flat with very little signs of recovery. This made me realize that it was time to look for new opportunities," said Smith. "I began looking at various businesses and a friend mentioned that I should check out doing something in trucking. I got online and found Expediter Services' website and Expediting looked like a great way to work for myself and make some good money."

Smith knew from the start that he wanted to own his own truck, so he asked a lot of questions, and got the answers he needed to make it happen. "Owning my own truck was important to me. After learning more about Expediter Services online, I made a phone call to Josh Swindoll. He helped me start the process of buying a truck. He not only helped me find my truck at Expediter Truck Sales, he introduced me to the right people to get financing through Expediter Equipment Finance. Bottom line, I was able to get a well maintained and refurbished Kenworth T600 at a good price. My driving partner Shannon Kidd and I begin orientation with FedEx Custom Critical this week, and we hope to be generating an income as soon as orientation is complete!"

But there's more to the story as Smith shares his plans for the future. "As soon as we hit the road, I plan on taking full advantage of all of the services provided through Expediter Services Owner Operator Program; the fuel card, insurance, load information, all of it. Its such a no-brainer, I can't see how anyone wouldn't take advantage of everything Expediter Services has to offer. For someone like me who's just getting started in Expediting, their support will be invaluable."

And long term? "My goal is to establish myself and expand on that success. I can see purchasing a second or even a third truck in the future. There really is no telling how far my business can go. We can't wait to get started!"

Stay tuned. We'll be following up on Jimmy and Shannon's success in the near future.
August 20, 2013

Five Years on the Road…and Just Getting Started

Randy Thacker and Terry Moore (D8158)
s of this past July, Terry Moore celebrates his fifth year as a Contract Driver with Expediter Services, affiliated with Fedex Custom Critical as his carrier. And as with any career, the road has had its share of curves, but Terry (along with partner Randy Thacker), has consistently proven himself as a performer and a producer.

"Before getting into Expediting, I worked in a factory. But I knew there had to be something better out there for me, and Expediting seemed like a good career move. I got my CDL, and was introduced to Expediter Services through a mutual acquaintance," said Moore. "That was five years ago, and I haven't looked back."

Moore's desire to succeed as a Contractor saw him through a few ups and downs over the years, including a stint as a solo driver. "For about six months, I found myself without a driving partner, so I went solo, which isn't ideal if you're hauling expedited freight. But, Alicia Leslie, my contact at Expediter Services, helped me through this period with a lot of support. She also found and hooked me up with my current partner Randy Thacker. That was about a year and a half ago and we've been partners ever since. Alicia got to know me so well, that she was able to locate a driving partner that's not only compatible, we're now friends, which is important when you spend as much time together as we do on the road. It's a good driving and business partnership."

When asked about why he's stayed with Expediter Services for so long, Moore explains that its about how you're treated. "This company really does treat you like family. I enjoy what I do, and I've been able to earn a pretty good living as a Contract Driver. They take care of the equipment, if you have a problem they always fix it quickly, and they treat me and Randy well and you really can't ask for better than that."

What does Terry see in his future? Who knows, some day I may decide to take the Path to Ownership and buy my own truck. It's good to know that option is always there when I'm ready. But for now, I'm just going to do what I do best -- and that's drive. And even though I've been with Expediter Services for five years now, I feel like I'm just getting started. There's a lot more opportunity out there waiting for me!"
August 13, 2013

A Career Path to Ownership

Eliza Zepeda & Robert Burrow (DR4416)
n this issue of Spotlight News, we talk to Robert Burrow and his partner Eliza Zepeda, who have recently taken the Path to Ownership through Expediter Equipment Finance. Their story of truck ownership is becoming more typical of Expediters partnering with Expediter Services: learn the business as a Contractor; purchase your own truck; reap the rewards. Their story of success is an inspiration for anyone wanting to control their own destiny and career path.

Why did You and Eliza choose Expediting as a career?
Our Career in Expediting started in January of this year. We were looking for something to do to earn a living and Expediting seemed like a very interesting business. The idea of traveling and seeing the country while earning money appealed to us, so we started doing research online.

How did you wind up becoming a Contractor with Expediter Services?
Our research online lead us directly to the Expediter Services website. We were able to find out a lot of information about the Expediting industry and about the company. We liked what we saw and made a phone call. That started the ball rolling. We learned that we'd need CDL's and that we'd need to get hooked up with a carrier, which turned out to be Fedex Custom Critical. But basically, we started from the ground up. It's been a true learning experience from day one.

What started you on your Path to Ownership?
Actually, we knew from the start that we wanted to be truck owners, but soon found out that there is so much to learn about the business that it would be a good idea to become a Contract Driver first in order to learn and become comfortable with what we're doing. We definitely feel that time has been well spent. Being a Contractor has helped us prove to ourselves that we have what it takes to become truck owners.

Tell us about the steps you've taken to become truck owners?
Last week Eliza and I attended the Expedite Expo. We visited the Expediter Services booth and began talking to Jason Williams, Jeff Tacker and Steve Kochensparger about our desire to own our own truck. The more we talked, the more at ease we felt about our decision. We started the process of filling out the necessary paperwork and now we're waiting on our truck to be refurbished.

Tell us more about your truck -- you mentioned that it's being refurbished?
Over the past several months we've driven a 2008 Kenworth T660 provided by Expediter Services' fleet. It's been well maintained and has relatively low miles and it's given us great service. And that is the truck we're actually buying. It's being refurbished with new paint, and other needed repairs and upgrades. The refurb should take about thirty days. While its being worked on, we'll be driving another truck from the fleet. We're really excited about getting it back & hitting the road!

Why did you decide on a "refurbished" truck over buying a new one?
Buying a used truck that is refurbished from the Expediter Services fleet just makes sense: It's less expensive; we know its history; it's been well maintained; and we feel it has a lot of life left in it -- what's not to like! Also, buying a used unit gives more options when it comes to our income stream. Because the truck costs less, our bottom line is impacted less, giving us flexibility we wouldn't have if we'd purchased a new truck.

What are your plans for the future?
We plan on taking full advantage of Expediter Services Owner Operator program, driving, making money and enjoying ourselves!

Stay tuned! We're sure to be hearing more about Robert and Elize in the near future.
August 1, 2013

Finding the Right Career Path

Cindy Chau and Padriaca Prude
eople from all walks of life are finding that Expediting can be a great career move. One couple who decided to take this road is Padriaca Prude and his wife Cindy Chau.

After a five year stint in the military as a logistics officer, Padriaca looked at a number of different career paths, but none suited his interests until attending a jobs fair last July. "After I left the military, we were looking for career opportunities," said Padriaca. "I saw an Ad for a local jobs fair and went to check it out. I met some recruiters and spoke to them about Expediting and it seemed like a good fit since I was involved with logistics in the military. I immediately enrolled in a school to get my CDL. After learning that Expediters work as a team, Cindy and I saw the opportunity to work together. She enrolled shortly after me -- now we both have our CDL's."

Once Padriaca and Cindy received their CDL's, there were a number of decisions to be made. "After deciding that Expediting would be our career path, we had to make some decisions about what we wanted to do. We signed on with FedEx Custom Critical as our carrier, and we also hooked up with Expediter Services. Another decision was whether to try and purchase a truck right out of the gate. Expediter Services helped us realize that we weren't ready to buy a truck right away. We learned that becoming a Contract Driver would help us gain valuable experience and that a Path to Ownership was always open to us when the time was right. The great thing about the Path to Ownership is that it gives us time to prove ourselves and develop our business before making such a huge commitment, which is perfect for an entrepreneur like me."

Their business is now rolling! "We recently completed the training that will allow us to run any level of Expediting freight we want. It gives us the versatility to take any number of loads, including DOD. We're still fine tuning our business and our truck and things are definitely happening. We just made our first 5,000 mile run from Illinois to Canada, to Louisiana and back. Everything went well! Our plan is to be able to stay out for a couple of months at a time as we get into the groove. We're really excited about our new career and we're excited to partner with Expediter Services -- and in the not too distant future, we definitely plan on taking the Path to Ownership."

Stay tuned. You'll be hearing more about Padriaca and Cindy very soon!
July 8, 2013

Short Truck. Long-Term Success.

Mike & Leslie Weis (DR4385)
ust when you think your career is going in one direction, another opportunity presents itself, and it suddenly takes a totally different tack. Such was the case with Mike and Leslie Weis, a husband and wife team from Bakersfield, California.

"Back in 2005, my husband, Mike. had already been a trucker for about 30 years. And I was looking into getting my CDL so I could team up with him as a driver. He drove the big eighteen wheelers, which to be honest, I wasn't all interested in driving," said Leslie. "But we wanted to be together out on the road, so I decided that's what I needed to do."

But fate would soon intervene and their lives and careers would change after visiting the Expedite Expo and meeting some folks from Expediter Services. "About that same time, we heard about the Expedite Expo and decided to stop in just to see what it was all about -- that's when I met Jason Williams at Expediter Services. Mike and I spoke with him and the people at their booth. The information they gave us was particularly interesting to me. I was really excited about the possibility of driving one of those cute little Expediting trucks with the automatic transmission! Their business plan and support sounded really good too."

But after leaving the Expo, Leslie's dream of being an Expediter didn't quite fall into place as quickly as she had hoped. "Looking back on it, its kind of funny the way our transition into Expediting took place. I was real excited about it and ready to jump in, but Mike wasn't quite ready to make the move, he needed more convincing. Eventually, we called Jason and spoke with him over the phone. He and their support team gave us all of the information we needed to make our decision, even Mike was convinced. We had decided to become Expediters. I completed the process of getting my CDL. A short time later, we signed on with Expediter Services and FedEx became our carrier -- and eight years later, we're still with Expediter Services!"

The Weis' career as Expediters has been a long-term commitment, and a success. "When we began with Expediter Services, neither of us had any idea that our relationship with the company would turn out to be such a long-term deal, or that we would be able to make such a good living. Let's face it, turnover in this industry is huge. We feel really lucky to have found Expediter Services. They take good care of their equipment and they take good care of us, and that's what keeps us here. We just plan on continuing to drive and doing what we love, Expediting!"
June 19, 2013

Going Far in a Short Amount of Time

Eric Hyfield and Patrick Lee (D8362)
ike many folks affected by what has become known as the "Great Recession", long time friends Patrick Lee and Eric Hyfield were looking for career opportunities. After quite a bit of research online, they realized that Expediting may just give them the leg up they needed to turn their careers and their lives around.

"The state of the economy in general had really made it tough for me to make a living here in Baton Rouge," said Patrick Lee. "I wanted to find something that could become a career, and not just short term employment. Eric was kind of in the same boat, we both were looking for the right opportunity. I started doing some research online and began looking into Expediting. The more I learned, the more it appealed to me. I really liked that idea that driving an Expediting truck didn't involve hauling a trailer."

Their online research eventually lead to Expediter Services' website. "When Eric found Expediter Services online, I contacted them to see what we would need to do to become Expediters. Their insight into the industry was really helpful. Even at this early stage, Eric and I had it in our minds that we wanted to be Owner Operators -- but first, we knew we had to learn the business from the ground up. We got our CDL's and signed on with Expediter Services as Contract Drivers," said Patrick.

Indeed, Patrick and Eric's Expediting education had begun in earnest. "With FedEx as our carrier, we began making runs all across the country. We've really learned a lot over the past eight months, and Expediter Services' support has been extremely helpful all along the way, so much so, that we decided we were ready to take the path to truck ownership," said Patrick. "We contacted Josh Swindoll at Expediter Truck Sales and soon began the process of buying a truck of our own: a 2008 Kenworth T660! The process went smoothly, we made our downpayment and Expediter Equipment Finance helped us with financing. It couldn't have gone any smoother."

Their journey into Expediting and truck ownership took less than a year, but they've set some long term goals going forward. "In the near term, we're going to run our new truck and focus on earning money. We've already made a run into Canada, and things are going really well. In the future, we're thinking of adding another truck or two. There really is no telling how far we can go," said Patrick.
May 13, 2013

Taking the Path to Ownership

Andy Dixon & Linda Polk (DA8346)
eing a Contract Driver is a great way to make a living. But what many people may not realize is that with the right support, it can also be a great stepping stone to truck ownership and owning your own business -- even after retiring from another line of work. Just ask professional Contract Drivers Andy Dixon and Linda Polk, who began their careers in Expediting soon after retirement.

Andy was a successful plumber who had always worked for himself, while Linda had dedicated her life to a long teaching career. "After retiring, we were looking for something to do, and Expediting seemed like a pretty good move," said Andy. "Since I already had my CDL, it didn't take too much convincing for Linda to get hers. Before long we signed up at FedEx Custom Critical. And soon after that, I happened to see an Ad on Craigslist about an Expediting company in Southaven, Mississippi called Expediter Services, promising great support for Contractors. I was intrigued and gave them a call. They seemed very down to earth. Within a few days, we had a truck and were on the road making money."

That's just the beginning of Andy & Linda's journey with Expediter Services. "I had been driving for Expediter Services as a Contract Driver for about thirteen months and Linda began driving with me in a new ES truck back in December of last year. But, always in the back of our minds, we wanted to work for ourselves and be our own boss. I guess the entrepreneurial spirit was still alive and well after working for myself as a plumber for all of those years," said Andy. "A few months ago we heard about the Path to Ownership offered by ES. We talked to their financing folks and found out that the "path" lead right to a truck that we could afford! We did the paperwork, made the downpayment and Josh Swindoll helped us find a great truck from the ES fleet -- a refurbished 2008 KW T660! Needless to say, we were thrilled at being new owners."

Andy & Linda were excited to take delivery of their Kenworth, but just as they hit the road for the first time…there was a problem. "When Linda & I took delivery of our new truck, we pulled out of the parking lot and started down the highway. All of a sudden it went dead and wouldn't crank. We immediately called Expediter Services and told them what had happened. It turned out the batteries were dead. Expediter Services stepped up and replaced them with new batteries and we were soon back on the road. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but usually once a contract is signed and you drive a truck off of the lot, the previous owner is under no obligation to replace items like dead batteries. But to Expediter Services credit, they went the extra mile for us and replaced the batteries at no charge. We were honestly blown away by how much they cared and took care of us, even though strictly speaking, they weren't obligated. Its this level of service that sets Expediter Services apart from everyone else and why we stay with them," said Andy.

And according to Andy, business is good! "We just made our third load since buying our new truck. It's really great working for ourselves," said Andy. "In the future we plan on building a fleet. Then maybe we can go fishing more!" Here's wishing you & Linda the best of luck with your new business!
April 18, 2013

Finding The Right Opportunity

Matt and Kiann Owens (DR4392)
ollowers of Expediter Spotlight are familiar with stories about Contract Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleet Owners who have entered into Expediting to find struggles and hardship before finding the right owner, or the right financing opportunity to make their dreams of a successful business come true. In this week's issue, we spotlight professional Contract Drivers Matt and Kiann Owens, a team who found the right opportunity early in their career and hit the ground running.

"Matt and I are from the small town of Vernon, Texas. About seven years ago we were working for the Texas Youth Commission," said Kiann Owens. "Then one day we learned that the facility would be shutting down soon. Since there wasn't a whole lot of opportunity for jobs in this area, we began looking for other ways to make a living. A friend of ours suggested that we look into trucking, so I got online and found a trucking company looking for drivers. We soon enrolled in their school and began as a team driving big rigs, pulling fifty three foot trailers."

Although their career as professional drivers was off to a good start piloting eighteen-wheelers, they kept seeing small straight trucks on the road as they drove around the country. According to Kiann, Matt's curiosity was soon piqued. "We had been driving for about nine months, and every time we'd pass one of these straight trucks, Matt would say how he thought he'd like driving one of those. So, the next time we got home for a rest period I got online and checked them out. I wound up on Fedex's website and submitted an application. Within two minutes of hitting the "submit" button, Matt's phone was ringing with a recruiter from Fedex Custom Critical on the line. Within about a week, we had hooked up with Expediter Services, and completed Fedex's orientation. The next thing you know, we were Expediting."

The Owens' career as professional Contract Drivers with Expediter Services began January 12, 2007 and they haven't looked back. "Ever since we started Expediting, we've only ever driven for Expediter Services," said Kiann. "We've had a number of offers to drive for other owners, but we've turned them down. We feel like we've found a home with Expediter Services. We like how they treat us, they pay on time, and take good care of the equipment. Whenever there's been a problem, they're just a phone call away. I guess you could say we found the right opportunity the first time out."

"On top of the fact that we drive for a great company like Expediter Services, we are "white glove" drivers with Fedex. Because of this we're not stuck hauling the same kinds of loads over and over. One day we may run haz-mat, the next day, we may carry artwork. We love the variety! We also get to deliver to some really exotic locations like the Kennedy or Stennis Space Centers. We love what we do, and we just plan on driving and earning a good living," said Kiann.
April 8, 2013

Home is Where the Truck Is

Larry and Debra Smith (D8058)
any people may not realize it, but a sizable number of contract drivers choose trucking as a second career. It can be a great way to see the country, while working and making money. But the road can also be a lonely place, especially if you leave a loved one behind -- just ask Larry Smith, Professional Contract Driver. "I began my driving career as a tanker driver. But I got to tell you, I'm sixty-six years old, and I would get lonely out on the road by myself. It was always hard leaving my wife, Debra behind."

Then one evening while filling up at a truck stop, fate intervened and changed both of there lives. "Filling up next to me was this little straight truck. I began talking to the drivers -- they were a husband and wife team, and they were Expediters! It was like a light switch turning on in my head. This was a way that I could spend more time with Debra. So I immediately called her up and asked her if she'd be interested in getting a Class B driver's license, since a straight truck wasn't much bigger than the fifteen passenger van we already had. She thought it was agreat idea. She got her license, and we began our career together as Expediters."

But, as often happens in the trucking business, it wasn't an easy start. "Once we became certified to drive straight trucks, we approached one of the major carriers. They were great, but we weren't happy with the owner they hooked us up with. My son, who is a lawyer, took a look at the contract the owner gave us and was absolutely appalled. It was sloppy and had so many errors and omissions that he advised us not to sign it. We sent that contract back to the carrier and asked if they had another owner, and that's where Expediter Services came into the picture. Their contract was professional, and my son gave us the green light to go ahead and sign it. That was four years ago, an we've been happy driving with them ever since."

Larry and Debra are professional drivers who really love the road, and have made a true career out of driving as contractors. "We are the kind of drivers who stay out on the road three or four months at a time. We truly love it. We're together, seeing this great country, and making a good living. There's really not much of a reason for us to ever go home, except to visit family."

And speaking of family, the absolute best part of their job is the fact that they get to visit their family who are spread all across the country. "We have a really large family," said Larry. "I have sisters in Philadelphia, Denver and Anaheim, CA. I also have a brother in Dallas, a son in Atlanta, and four other kids in Iowa. On top of that, Debra has parents in Grand Rapids, as well as brothers in Madison and Kalamazoo, Michigan. The really great part is that we get to visit with everyone at least three times a year, and not just during the holidays. Everyone lives along the routes we drive, so it makes it really convenient."

And what about the future? "We're happy right where we are, doing what we do best: driving. Its a great life and we have a home on the road now that we're together."
April 1, 2013

To Bob O., Recruiting Just Comes Naturally

Bob Offenbaker, Expediter Services Recruiting Manager
henever anyone contacts Expediter Services about becoming a professional Contract Driver, there's a specific procedure that every team goes through in order to bring each inquiry to a successful conclusion. This process involves our recruiting team of professionals headed up by Expediter Services Recruiting Manager, Bob Offenbaker.

As you'll see, Bob has had a long career in trucking and recruiting, "My background has been in trucking almost my entire life. My dad was a truck driver, and I've also been a trucker at different times throughout my career -- as a civilian, and in the military. I also was a recruiter for the Army for about 14 years, so I guess you could say what I do at Expediter Services just comes naturally." In fact, Bob retired from the military as a 1SG Sergeant after 24 years of service. Before coming to Memphis, he was a Recruiting Manager for two well established trucking firms.

As Expediter Services' Recruiting Manager, Bob performs a number of important tasks to make sure prospective contractors get through the system in an efficient and timely manner. “As a liaison between contractors and the carriers, it's important that the carriers have complete applications from the contractors, including drivers licenses, DOT cards, etc. We make sure everyone gets the right information they need. Also, I help provide guidance to our Recruiting Team to help keep the recruiting process on track. Its our goal to provide an efficient pathway for the flow of information that helps applicants become effective Expediters almost immediately."

Bob also explains why its important to have a recruiting team with experience. "When we're contacted by prospective contract drivers, they need answers quickly so they can get into Expediter Services' system, and into our carrier's orientation programs with as little delay as possible. Our level of experience helps to make the process seamless, and drivers can begin doing what they do best: driving and earning money.

So, when you're looking to become a Contract Driver with Expediter Services, just ask for Bob O., and know that the Expediter Services Recruiting Team is on the ball, ready to get you rolling ASAP.

Email Bob O. here or give him a call at 877.349.9303, ext.103.
March 11, 2013

Meet Josh Swindoll

Josh Swindoll, Expediter Truck Sales
n this issue of Expediter Spotlight we introduce you to Josh Swindoll, Truck Sales Manager, Expediter Truck Sales. Josh brings a lot to the table when it comes to helping you find and purchase the right truck for your application. Check out his video and give Josh a call if you have questions, or if you need help buying a truck. And be sure to pop over to Facebook and let us know what you think!

Email Josh here or give him a call at 877.349.9303.
March 4, 2013

Controlling Their Own Destiny

Al & Tim Anzelon, Truck (32155)
n 2009, Al Anzelon and his brother Tim, came to the realization that they both wanted to get back into trucking after a decade of pursuing other careers and interests. But not just any kind of trucking -- they wanted to pursue the high income potential and lifestyle afforded by Expediting. "We'd been doing quite a bit of research about getting back into the trucking business," said Al Anzelon. "We were interested in the income potential of Expediting, so we started looking around for information and opportunities. We visited the Expedite Expo to get more information, and met Jeff Tacker of Expediter Services. As prospective newcomers to Expediting, we asked a lot of questions trying to figure out what direction to take, and Jeff was very helpful in explaining how their Owner Operator program could help make us effective business owners almost immediately."

But before the Anzelons could start their new career, there were some hurdles they needed to overcome.

"We soon realized that before taking the plunge into Expediting, Tim and I would need to make some "life changes" in order to work together. Tim lived in Kentucky and I'm in North Carolina. So, he moved his wife and three kids about a block a way from me and my wife and our two children," said Al. "Once he made the move, we were then in a position to get to work."

And get to work they did, as only brothers can!

"You always hear that its impossible for two people to make a living driving a truck, but we've managed to do it," said Al. "We've both been able to not only feed our families, but also start planning for our kid's futures. But being on the road with your brother can be a bit of a challenge! We have our moments just like any family, but we always seem to make it through. Although sometimes, I want to leave him at a truck stop now and then," he said laughingly!

"But seriously, we work hard at making our business successful. And since we both have mechanical backgrounds, we even do a lot of work on our truck ourselves. Every bit of money we can save helps our bottom line."

At first, the Anzelons had some trepidation about starting a new business from scratch. But they soon found out that they had someone in their corner helping along the way.

"We knew that with a bad economy, it could be risky starting in this business from scratch. But we feel like we got a jump start by utilizing Expediter Services Owner Operator program. We like the fact that you can call their support team 24/7 if you have questions or problems. They always answer the phone. They save us money too by helping us learn which loads are best for us. On top of all of that, we were pleased to find out how much money their Insurance Program has saved us.

If there's any advice that I can give folks who want to get into Expediting it would be: Don't be afraid to make the jump. With Expediter Services in your corner, you have a real advantage and support that can help you succeed. We definitely feel like we are now controlling our own destinies," said Al.
January 29, 2013

Finding the Right Expediting Home

Charlie & Cindy Jordan
inding the right home in the Expediting business as a contract driver can be like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears -- you've got to sleep in a lot of beds to find the one that's just right. Charlie and Cindy Jordan are proof that perseverance and the right opportunity can find just the right home for success…in more ways than one.

The Jordan's story of becoming Professional Contract drivers actually started off in the hospitality industry in Indianapolis, Indiana. "Back in 2006, we were working at a hotel and kept noticing there were a lot of guests staying there who were attending a local truck driving school," said Cindy. "We kept looking at these guys and thinking that if they can be truck drivers and make money, why not us? So we looked into it, only to find out that tuition was over $6,000."

But after doing some research, the Jordans found an Expediting school that fit their pocket book, and started their careers as Professional Contract drivers. Little did they know it would be a long road of numerous owners and carriers ahead. "We found an Expediting school, went through their program and began driving. Their pay structure just took too big of a bite -- that driving job lasted about seven months. We then signed up directly with a carrier and found the situation really abusive. Looking for a better opportunity, we then moved on to a fleet owner who had a pretty nice truck, but there was absolutely no support. We became so disheartened, we quit driving for nine months," said Cindy.

After nine months and some soul searching, Charlie and Cindy thought they'd give Expediting another try. But this time, things would turn out to be different -- at least for a while.

"After a lot of thought, we decided to give Expediting another try. We'd heard good things about Expediter Services and contacted them. Their truck was in really good shape and they paid for fuel, which was nice," said Cindy.

But soon, the "promise" of higher pay would lure them away from Expediter Services -- at least for a while.

"Our experience with Expediter Services was really good, but we saw where another truck owner made the promise to pay more per mile, so we switched. Boy, was that a big mistake! That owner's "promise" of more money just didn't pan out. On top of that, they were really hard to work with and the stressful work environment was unbearable. We decided to go back to Expediter Services -- and let me tell you, we're never leaving," said Cindy. "Expediter Services has great people that really work for us. They keep us rolling without STRESS! I can get out there and do my job without having to worry about my check or the truck getting fixed. And I don't have to wait forever to get a load. We know we're going to keep moving & making money."

Cindy and Charlie found a home with Expediter Services -- and they're earning money for another home, too!

"I can't tell you how great it feels to have found a home at Expediter Services. And we recently bought a great new home just down the road from Weiss Lake, the Centre Alabama Crappie Capital of the World! Our plans are just to keep driving and making money to pay for our new house," said Cindy!"
January 21, 2013

Driving Toward Truck Ownership

Harold & Dianne Raymond
arold and Dianne Raymond have a history as experienced drivers. And part of that history was finding the right fleet owner.

"My wife and I drove for a fleet owner whose business scruples just weren't up to our standards," said Harold Raymond. "We were really disappointed in a number of things, including the fact that he didn't take good care of his equipment. The situation left us unhappy, and looking for a better solution."

But a chance encounter at a truck stop would have a profound impact on their lives, and livelihood.

"One day we were talking to some folks at a truck stop about how unhappy we were with our current situation. They mentioned having a really good experience working with Expediter Services, and that they take really good care of their equipment," said Harold. "We felt like we had nothing to lose, and decided to give them a call. One of the things that really struck me was the fact that they were genuinely glad to hear from us. They explained the advantages of being a Contract Driver for Expediter Services, and made us feel right at home. We made the switch, and immediately, they jumped right in and began working for US."

Over the next two years, the Raymonds drove as a contract driver team, but soon realized that owning their own truck was the real road they wanted to travel.

"The longer we drove for Expediter Services, the more we earned -- and learned. We realized the real earning opportunity was being owner operators. We'd been making pretty good money as contractors, which allowed us to put aside cash each month in anticipation of buying our own truck. We talked to Jason Williams and Jeff Tacker about our desire to be owners, and they worked us into their Financing Program. This helped us buy our own truck, and we've been working for ourselves ever since. Our experience with Expediter Services has been outstanding. Also, I can't say enough about their office support. We don't have the hassle of trying to track down settlements -- they do all of that for us, which really saves us time, and money!"
At Expediter Services, we understand that YOUR business is making money. And we’re here to help you achieve this goal with support programs that save you money on fuel, financing, insurance and much more -- so you Never Stand Alone.
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